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  • School Management Sysytem

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    • Access for admin, teacher, student and parent.
    • Parent can monitor all activities of his child.
    • Manage exam marks of all students.
    • Private messaging between admin, teacher, parent and student.
  • eCommerce

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  • Calendar events

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    How can I use BeCalendar on my site?

    If you already or considering having a website or a web app built on the latest components to create a event site, booking site, appointment site, personal scheduling site, or any other site using CI framework this script is for you. The idea is to display member’s public events on a JQuery Fullcalendar on your frontend (visitors page) of your site and control or edit them at the backend (member or admin page) similarly like any other CMS site that can easily edit contents and have it displayed to the public.

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