BePharma is a customer relationship management (CRM) software provided by BeConnected for pharmaceuticals Companies to monitor their medical reps activity and performance. In order to revolutionize the process, we were interested in creating an application that will automate the activity of medical reps and to make medical representatives 100% paper-free.

BePharma is developed with an algorithm to make the visit as efficient as possible. Hence, the use of BePharma will increase the number of visits per month by nearly 60% because of the tracking and monitoring features in the app and Spend less time on field tasks.

BePharma covers all pharmaceutical business specifics and is vital for pharmaceutical companies of all sizes. It encompasses different roles for each pharmaceutical company team members:

  • For Medical Representative it is a convenient tool which help to access all type of customer data in one place, plan and report accomplished activities saving time through efficiency.
  • For Manager this BePharma application provides various data analysis, target setting and task delegation tools. Data Analyst can use miscellaneous data search and analysis tools. Using them, needed information can be quickly extracted and presented in the appropriate format.
  • For Accountant application provides specific tools for Gifts and client request expenses analysis, and report generation.

  • Overview

    • Planning engine which will support the company in planning, implementing, executing, and tracking strategies.
    • Enable supervisors & executives to track and monitor employees performance.
    • Full reporting system.
    • Reach the success with Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) process.
    • Improve customer profiling and targeting.

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