What is Bepharma CRM?

  • BePharma is a very specialized CRM system Only for Pharmaceutical Companies.
  • It is an Android and Web Application with two different layout and functions too.
  • Our Team had conducted their research to find out all problem and aspects regard the pharmaceutical companies in the market.
  • The program was designed from the scratch without using other’s templates to solve all issues regard the pharmaceutical companies.
  • We are able to modify anything (add / remove ) in our system Allows your expectation to go behinds limitation
  • The Ultimate Business Solution

Bepharma CRM helps to:

  • Manage Marketing & Sales Team.
  • Manage Planned & Actual Visits.
  • Manage Requests (Service Requests , Medical Request , Vacations).
  • Manage your Marketing Activities.
  • Report Your Competitors’ Activities (Marketing and Sales activities).
  • Manage Events.
  • Manage Tasks.
  • Calendar.
  • Internal Messaging .
  • Announcements.
  • Notifications .
  • Manage Number of working days per each employee.

Bepharma CRM’s Main Objective

The system designed to serve the pharmaceutical companies to achieve its main objective which is:-
  • Gather your Customer’s data as much as you imagine (Private Clinic, Hospitals, Polyclinics, Pharmacies and Distributors).
  • Enable the Communication with your customers “e-mail, Text message or social media (Facebook, twitter).
  • Provide a full reporting system, it’s easy to figure out the performance regard everything.
  • Improve communication within your team “they can send instant massage or chat together”.
  • Helps your company to know each person’s activities and effort in details. Moreover, Your customer’s potential for your products and company too.
  • Easy to use, Easy to backup your company data at anytime, and it keeps your record to compare the performance.

Bepharma CRM’s Benefits

  • Provides all reports regard the cycle performance on the dashboard.
  • Provides feedback regard each product within sales call.
  • Enables your team to visit pharmacies and write feedback regard your products and Competitors (Rx rate & Sales rate).
  • Allows your team to send any customer’s request immediately to the responsible person within your company to approve or deny it.
  • Enables your team to send any competitor feedback “like your competitor’s marketing activities or sales activities.
  • Enables your field force to use your brochure “Pdf, PPT, PPTx or e-detailing materials” Also, you can send your Field force any trial or medical request or Updated message immediately .
  • Works fast & smoothly without crashes or bugs.

Some of BePHARMA Clients

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