What is BeSchool?

BeSchool Management System is the most complete and versatile school management system on the market. It is a school echo system combining teachers, students, parents and other school staffs in a single automation software. This complete package comes with a very advanced backend ERP, frontend school website, ios and android mobile app.
  • Detailed staff, students, guardians data storage options
  • Flexible multi-parameters security model
  • Configurable dashboard and menu options
  • Support for multi-school networks and multi-site schools
  • Regionalisation of date and currency
  • Extensible class, subject, course, users, etc. parameters
  • Student medical information (allergies, medications, etc)
  • Timetables, building, rooms and respective equipment management options
  • Assignments (weighed, types, etc)
  • Invoicing and payment tracking
  • BeSchool administration software works on desktop and mobile as well as all modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10 and above
  • Rock solid information security management throughout BeSchool

Management Benefits

“Complete information anytime, anywhere available on touch screen”
  • Faster and effective decision making with instant information access.
  • Productive multi-campus management with one software.
  • Real time two way communication.
  • Time & money saving.

Administrator Benefits

“Automated, smart $ user friendly solution”
  • Swift $ proficient access of all departments
  • Centralised reports at single click.
  • Convenient import/export of data
  • Quick $ easy sms/notifications.
  • Paperless, time saving $ agile
  • Smart communication with teacher, parents $ students

Benefits For Teacher

“Smart edge to your hard work”
  • Key focus on student academics, less on admin tasks.
  • Automated attendance & home work / assignments.
  • Track student performance history with 360 view.
  • Effortless exam & result management.
  • Great teacher-parents interaction & updates.
  • Easily available online reports & result cards.

Benefits for Parents

“Stay tuned to class & campus activities”
  • Daily live attendance & assignment alerts on mobile.
  • Exam & class tests performance tracking.
  • Real time calendar, picture & events news.
  • Online fee ledger, payments & receipts.
  • Paperless leave management.
  • Effective teacher – Parents communication.
  • Remove travel hassel and save cost & time.

Benefits for students

“Great mode to stay connected”
  • Online paper less home work / assignments.
  • Submit online assignments / projects.
  • Tuned to announcements, news & calendar.
  • Access to results, time table & exam dates.
  • Get all updates even during absence.
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