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From the moment you arrive at the airport, train station or ferry terminal your work is done. Just check in and board and we take care of everything from there.
All you need to do is tell us where you want to go, how many people are travelling and your budget we have on offer.
We work with clients across a range of sectors and we utilise all forms of media to get your name out there.
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We have a number of different teams within our agency that specialise in different areas. We can ensure you that is a good thing.
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We are a 40 birth campsite open to caravans, motor homes and tents, situated in the picturesque New forest. We are open between March and November.
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  • Child of Mine, come⁣⁣
as you grow in youth⁣⁣
you will learn⁣⁣
the secret places⁣⁣
the cave behind the waterfall⁣⁣
the arms of the oak⁣⁣
that hold you high⁣⁣
the stars so near⁣⁣
on a desert ledge⁣⁣
...the important places.⁣⁣
And, as with age, you choose⁣⁣
your own way⁣⁣
among the many faces⁣⁣
of a busy world⁣⁣
may you always remember⁣⁣
the path that leads back.⁣⁣
...back to the important places.⁣⁣
Dad to Forest, 1986⁣⁣
These words, simple as they are, have echoed through my life, continuing to shape my connection to family and place in ways I could never have guessed. So grateful to mom and dad for all they have done (and continue to do!) to introduce us to and remind us of the important places, instilling in each us kids a deep sense of curiosity and reverence for other humans and the natural world. ⁣⁣
Thanks for all the love and little clues along the path, from family and from friends, the nudges that ripple outward, ever to return, helping one another other back along the path...
[second photo is of dad’s first draft of the poem, written before I was born, later he changed a few words, ending up with what’s written here]
  • “We get nowhere by ourselves.”⁣
By land and sea, through trial and through error, this film was an incredible process of learning and connection. Both a humbling reminder of the power of the natural forces that surround us, and the wisdom of those who came before us. ⁣
The full film (People) of water is live online thanks to @gnarlybay @Vimeo [link in youknowwhere]⁣⁣
Very grateful for the talented hardworking and generous group of folks who welcomed us into their lives and shared their creative talents to bring this piece to life. A big thanks as always to the incredibly talented crew  @gnarlybay (Joe, Kyle, Shawn, Chad, Jordan and the j crew, Aaron, Dan, Dana) and to our humble-hunk friends the @usmensraftteam @alltoothbob @puakeadesigns the Hawaii crew @niumalunation + uncle Bobby @puakeafoundation and all the other kind and generous waterfolk who let us chase them around with cameras and ask them weird questions.
  • Hayes and Woods on a mission to rescue “Granny” from mouse-watch duty in the hanger. Sad to report they got busted due to the inordinate amount of cat hair evidence left on their non-compliant getaway driver’s front seat @dukephillipslll @tess_leach ;)
  • jake lighting the tv for the evening entertainment this past weekend on the Chico
  • Come hail or high wind, surrounded by family and friends, heck of a celebration to share in this past weekend down in the Chico with one of my favorite Colorado families
  • Fire. I’ll take it over a screen any night. How much of what we look for in the blue light of screens is actually in the flickering warmth of a fireside circle? A lot I’d guess. It’s where our oral traditions evolved - and arguably an accompanying awareness of our place in time and community. Connection to nature - human and other - and the primal elements of being

Craig Child’s essay “Magic Circle of Light” in the latest @adventurejournal is a rich personal tale of how he, and the collective we, evolved alongside fire. Thanks @journalizard and @stevecasimiro for allowing for a few of my fireside images/memories in accompany
  • ⁣
[this week] On Monday @canyonwoodward and I dusted off our suit jackets, traded out our running shoes for loafers and joined our friends at @protectourwinters and @keepalaskawild to document their trip to Capitol Hill - lobbying on behalf of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ⁣
[lobbying] In addition to dozens of meetings with members of Congress, @outsidehilary and @callanthegreat testified in front of congress on behalf of the refuge and the effects that climate change and the continued extraction of fossil fuels is having on their livelihoods and communities.  @protectourwinters @alaskawild and members also delivered a pair of rafts adorned in signatures and artwork from the Gwich’in tribe and allies, and a message urging congress to restore the Arctic national wildlife refuge’s protections ⁣
[backstory] In 1960 the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was established as our nation’s first ecosystem-scale conservation area. Spanning 19.6 million acres, and the largest unit in our National Wildlife Refuge System, the refuge today represents one of our nations last great tracts of wild lands⁣
[currently] In 2017 a proposal to open the Refuge to oil and gas exploration was slipped through as a part of a tax bill. Narrowly passing on a 52-48 margin the provision opens the heart of the refuge (Area 1002 - the coastal plains) to drilling starting this summer. This is the first time any national wildlife refuge in the United States has been opened and re-designated for oil and gas development, and represents an increasingly brazen attitude toward resource extraction on publicly owned lands⁣
[ask] In two weeks our elected officials will vote on HB-1146 a bill that would ban oil and gas development in the refuge. To support the bill please write/call/petition your representatives, sign the petition linked in my profile, or text: DONTDRILL to 52886⁣
[reflections] continued in comments⁣
@protectourwinters @powcreativealliance @alaskawild @alpacka_raft @moonmountainman @canyonwoodward @jamesqmartin @zeppelinzeerip @lindsaymaine @stateofthebackcountry @callanthegreat @outsidehilary @lucmehl @emelex @sarahbtingey [illustration] @sarahvirginiauhl
  • Grateful for the opportunity to premier our new film ‘(People) Of Water’ alongside so many inspiring friends + films this past weekend at @5pointfilm. The creative and adventurous family this festival has knit together over the years has had quite an impact on my life and it brings me a lot of joy to get to come back each year to share stories and celebrate old and new friends + folks striving to live with intention and compassion while still stoking the fires of the wilder edges .

Making this film was a deeply collaborative learning experience, and so many folks helped bring it to life through their hard work, creative visions and willingness to connect and share. A big thanks to @gnarlybay (Joe, Kyle, Shawn, Chad, Jordan and the j crew, Aaron, Dan, Dana) and to our friends the @usmensraftteam @alltoothbob @puakeadesigns @niumalunation uncle Bobby and all the other kind and generous waterfolk who let us chase them around with cameras and ask them weird questions. Last but not least, thanks to the the @5pointfilm team for another great festival and @chacofootwear for another year of creative support and trust as we followed the currents downstream
  • digging out from the winter [edits]  @patagonia
  • This is Brendan Leonard, aka as @semi_rad. He is my dear friend and for the last 7 years he has pretty much carried me on his shoulders. But every once in a while he also picks me up and carries me in his arms. He is one of my greatest teachers, inspirer of good living and creative collaborator. He will probably hate how sappy that sounds, but it’s true, and he likes true things more than pizza itself. Over the years we’ve had many an over caffeinated conversation on life and art and work and finding our paths in this strange beautiful world, and he actually transcribed our most recent conversation into something you can read if you read words. In it we talk about my first entrepreneurial forays mowing lawns for Marty suminki, sharing the darkroom in our basement with a pair of copperheads, and how I built a career and, more to the point, a life around run-on sentences, meaningful moments, and doing what I love with people I care about. (Mom, you can text me and I will send you the interview directly - or there’s a link in my bio) 📷 @ashleelangholz
  • Fun times working on a story with @laura.yale and @patagonia, documenting the 40+ year efforts of the Crested Butte community and High Country Conservation Advocates + some radical red ladies who have been standing (and skinning) up for Mt Emmons (aka Red Lady Mountain) here in the snowy Colorado highlands. It’s a story of a small town standing up to big mining interests and developing a sustainable (and not coincidentally - fun ) model for activism in the face of extractive interests. Much of the success of this effort has revolved around activating the greater community (regardless of political differences) around an impactful and energetic multi-generational model of grassroots organizing to protect the watershed and natural resources of Red Lady Mountain and the surrounding ecosystems 💃🏻💪
  • thank you for your concern
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